FirstDefense – Hydrating Sanitizing Mist

FirstDefense™ hydrating sanitizing mist is sting-free and doesn’t dry out your skin because it is both water-free and alcohol-free. FirstDefense™ micro-encapsulates germs to prevent their spread while providing a glove-like shield for up to 6 hours that preserves your skin’s natural moisture. Your hands won’t have that gooey feeling that you experience when you use a gel-based sanitizer. Our revolutionary formula is FDA approved sanitizing agent that has been safely used for decades and is 99.99% effective.

Benefits of FirstDefense Hand Sanitizing Mist:
– Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
– FDA registered and approved hand sanitizer
– Water-Free: not tacky
– Alcohol-Free: sting-free and soft hands
– Gel-Free: not sticky
– Coconut Oil Infused: Leaves hands silky, smooth, and soft
– Convenient size for travel and on the go use
– Use to sanitize hands after touching door handles, shopping carts, and other shared surfaces.
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